Short Pieces

Selected Short Articles

The articles on this page are a sampling of the hundreds of short articles, columns and opinion pieces that Rabbi Greenberg has written. The links are to pdfs of the full text for each piece. This page is in the process of being populated; if a link is not active, please check back soon.

“Ask the Rabbi.” Moment, collected columns, 2006–2014.

“Mandela, Apartheid and the Jews.” The Jewish Week, December 13, 2013.

Opinion piece and response
Opinion piece, There is No Alternative to Day Schools, Forward, Dec 11, 2009.
“ ‘No Alternative to Day Schools’: An Exchange” Forward, Feb 4, 2010.

With Jack Wertheimer, Denominations and the Jewish Future: An Exchange,” CONTACT, Summer 2005, 5–6.

“Respect and Pursuing Loving, Affirmative Disagreements,” Sh’ma, May 2005, 13–14.

“Philanthropists to Match my Mountain,” CONTACT, Spring 2003, 11–12.

“The Meaning of Israel Today,” CONTACT, Winter 2003, 3–4.

“A Light Unto the Nation: Sharing a Jewish Ethic with America,” Sh’ma, Dec 2001, 12, 10.

“Personal Service: A Central Jewish Norm for Our Time,” CONTACT, Autumn 2001, 3–4.

With Michael H. Steinhardt, “The Newborn Gift: Extending birthright Israel and Renewing Community” CONTACT, Spring 2001, 8–9.

With J. J. Greenberg, “The Synagogue: A Time for Tearing Down and a Time for Building Up,” CONTACT,
Fall 1999, 3–4.

“The Principles of Pluralism,” Sh’ma, April 1999, 4–5.

“Of Dreamers and Pragmatists: The Lessons and Legacy of Yitzhak Rabin,” Sh’ma, 1995, 1–4.

“Learning about menschlichkeit from a Tibetan Herzl.” Long Island Jewish World, Fall 1989.

“Holocaust Remembrance Day,” Jewish Living, April 1980, 78; 93.

“Tying the Knot: A Step-by-Step Guide,” Jewish Living, December 1979, 46–49.

With Blu Greenberg, “Telling Your Children About the Holocaust,”Jewish Living, March-April, 1979, 28–33.

“Jews or Zombies? A Hard Look at Our Education.” The Jewish Advocate (Boston), September 29, 1966.

Parashat Ki Tetze Every Act Is Significant: The reward of long life for the seemingly simple commandment of shooing away a mother bird before taking her young teaches us that no act is trivial,”, n.d.

Parashat Emor Life And Love: Although priests cannot have any contact with death, exceptions are made for their immediate relatives, teaching that even the principle of treasuring life bows to love and family connections,”, n.d.

“Jewish-Christian Dialogue: The Next Stage: Christians and Jews must rethink how they approach each other,”, n.d.

“Pluralism & Peoplehood: A biblical model of reconciliation can help bring Jews and Christians together,”, n.d.