Parshat HaShavua

“Creation,” Parashat Bereishit 5781, Fall 2020.

“Covenant,” Parashat Noah 5781, Fall 2020.

“Covenantal Pluralism,” Parashat Lekh Lekha 5781, Fall 2020.

“Your Arm’s Too Short to Box With God. – Or is it?” Parashat VaYera 5781, Fall 2020.

“The Torah Came to Make A Mensch,” Parashat Hayyei Sarah 5781, Fall 2020.

“Our Mother Rebecca,” Parashat Toldot 5781, Fall 2020.

“The Journey to Maturation in the Covenant,” Parashat VaYeitztei 5781, Fall 2020.

“Our Name is Israel,” Parashat VaYishlach 5781, Winter 2020.

“The Messianic Life Force,” Parashat VaYeishev 5781, Winter 2020.

“Learning the Lessons of Hanukkah,” Parashat Mikeitz 5781, Winter 2020.

“Can We Save the Unity of the Jewish People?” Parashat VaYigash 5781, Winter 2020.

“The Covenant Between the Generations” Parashat VaYechi 5781, Winter 2020.

“The Exodus as Orienting Event” Parashat Shemot 5781, Winter 2021.

“You Are Not Free Until You Are At Home” Parashat Va’Era 5781, Winter 2021.

“The Hebrew Calendar is the First Commandment” Parashat Bo 5781, Winter 2021.

“Do Not Rely On a Miracle” Parashat Beshallah 5781, Winter 2021.

“What Happened at Sinai?” Parashat Yitro 5781, Winter 2021.

“The Book of the Covenant” Parashat Mishpatim 5781, Winter 2021.

“The Torah Speaks in the Language of Humanity” Parashat Terumah 5781, Winter 2021.

“On the Priesthood” Parashat Tetzaveh 5781, Winter 2021.

“God, As Defined By God” Parashat Ki Tissa 5781, Spring 2021.

“Sacred Space, Sacred Time” Parashat VaYekhel-Pekudei 5781, Spring 2021.