Selected Lectures (Video)

Here you can watch lectures presented by Rabbi Greenberg. If you have high quality video recordings of additional lectures, please let us know by e-mailing us (see the Contact page). This page is in the process of being populated; if a link is not active, please check back soon.

Tisha B’Av Learning with Rabbi Yitz Greenberg
Jul 18, 2021

Lecture at Brandeis: “Judaism as the Religion of Life: A New Look at the Jewish Narrative”
Mar 8, 2021
Part 1 – 06:05
Part 2 / 1:20:19

Lecture at Brandeis: “Judaism as the Religion of Life: A New Look at the Jewish Narrative”
Mar 9, 2021
Part 1 – 10:06
Part 2 / 1:29:37

Lecture at Brandeis: “Judaism as the Religion of Life: A New Look at the Jewish Narrative”
Mar 10, 2021
Part 1 – 10:04
Part 2 / 1:42:35

DC Hadar-Adas Lecture Series: “The Triumph of Life: An Interpretation of Jewish Religion”
Part 1 – Feb 21, 2021 / 1:13:00
Part 2 – Feb 28, 2021 / 1:13:00
Part 3 – Mar 7, 2021 / 1:13:00

Rabbi Yitz Greenberg on MLK Day
On January 18, 2021, Rabbi Yitz Greenberg spoke to students of Yeshivat Chovavei Torah and Yeshivat Maharat about MLK Day and MLK’s legacy.


The Value of Life – by Rav Yitz Greenberg,
Global Day of Jewish Learning / November 2020


A Conversation with Rabbi Yitz Greenberg


Panel session with Tamar Ross and Herzl Hefter:
The topic is on “Orthodox Discussion and Its Discontents”. This session is about the silencing of progressive views in the Modern Orthodox Community, bringing new ideas into Orthodoxy, and specifically highlights LGBTQ inclusion in the Orthodox community.
May 5th, 2020

“A Communal Response to Crisis- A Jewish Response to Covid-19
Rabbi Greenberg discusses the communal response to crisis and our responsibility and role during a global pandemic.
April 2020
(1 hour)

Taking Power for Life
“How to Live the Religious Life in an Age of Human Triumph and Tragedy
What is Judaism’s vision of a vision for the world and how can it be repaired or perfected with the help of God and humanity?
Matan Lecture
January 2020
(1 hour)

“A Recipe for Jewish Social Action: The Image of God/Messianism/Covenant
Radical Jewish Ideas for Our Times: Yitz Greenberg
Bend the Arc: Jewish Partnership for Justice
October 24, 2013
(47 min)

“Channeling the Memories and Lessons of the Holocaust”
Rockland County Holocaust Memorial & Studies Center
October 17, 2013
(30 min)

“Looking Back: The Past Four Decades of Jewish American Life”
Congregation Anshai Torah
Arnie Sweet Scholar-in-Residence
Dallas, Texas
January 20, 2013
(1:23 hour)
This event, a lecture followed by a discussion, was organized to commemorate the forty-year reunion of a Dallas group inspired by a 1973 weekend with Rabbi Greenberg to live more Jewishly and work in community leadership. “You brought something into our lives…and it has nourished and enriched us all these years,” one of the group members told Rabbi Greenberg as she introduced him.

“The New Encounter Between Judaism and Christianity”
The Neocatechumenal Way
Kearney, NJ
December 2012
(43 min)

“The Next Epoch of Jewish Impact on the World”
July 31, 2012
Lecture is in two parts
(Part I: 39 min)
(Part II: 39 min)

“The Nature of Faith in an Age of Absolute Divine Hiddenness”
Shalom Hartman Institute
July 23, 2012
(1:27 hour)

“On Being a Rabbi in a Post-Rabbinic Age”
Shalom Hartman Institute
July 4, 2012
(1:31 hour)

“The New Era: Humanity Comes of Age – An Evening with Rabbi Dr. Irving Greenberg”
Temple Chai – Phoenix, AZ
Valley Beit Midrash
November 2, 2011
(1:11 hour)

“The Unfolding of the Covenant: The Shape of Judaism in the Next Millennium”
Wexner Heritage Program Alumni Program
New York
Summer 2011

“A Theology of Life”
Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding (CCJU)
Institute for Seminarians and Rabbinical Students
Sacred Heart University
May 23, 2011
(1:38 hour)

“Wexner Foundation MetroWest Class Lectures”
December 12, 2010
In three parts (sound is a bit low on Part I but is fine on Parts II and III)
(Part I: 55 min)
(Part II: 1 hour)
(Part III: 56 min)

“The Renewal of the Covenant: Humanity Comes of Age”
The Tikvah Institute for Jewish Thought, Jewish Theological Seminary
March 31, 2011
In this lecture, Rabbi Greenberg speaks about creation, redemption, and God’s order for the universe. He reviews his past thoughts and focuses on the thesis of the book he is currently writing; for the universe to achieve perfection, which is God’s goal, God must pull back, self-limit (“tzimzum”) and give man more responsibility.

“The Covenantal Way”
July 1, 2001
part I (1:33 hour)
part II (25 min)

Wexner Heritage Foundation New Member Institute Talks July 5–9, 1998
(Sound quality varies; starts out low on some lectures, but usually improves quickly)

  • “From the Kingdom of Death to the Triumph of Life: Contemporary Holidays
    (2:16 hour)
  • “Renewing the Covenant: Rabbinic Holidays
    (1:55 hour)
  • “The Image of God: Biblical Holidays
    (1:37 hour)
  • “Rabbinic Holidays: Renewing the Covenant
    (1:55 hour)
  • “From the Kindom of Death to the Triumph of Life
    (4 min)
  • “Remembering the Future: The Meaning of Shabbat
    (1:08 hour)

Related Material

“Interview with Rabbi Irving Greenberg”
St. Mark’s Church
Raleigh, NC
November 2010
(7:30 min)
Rabbi Greenberg discusses Jewish-Christian relations.

“What Should We Be Celebrating?”
Excerpt from Makom’s film about Chag Ha’atzmaut
August 2007
(9:40 min)
Rabbi Greenberg speaks about the “New Exodus” and the ethics of power.