Selected Lectures (Text)

“Why Pray? Reflections & Proposals in Honor of Donald Landis on his Eightieth Birthday”
May 24, 2009

“Commencement Address: Choose Life”
Sacred Heart University
May 14, 2006
Talk delivered on the occasion of Rabbi Greenberg being awarded an honorary doctorate from Sacred Heart University.

“Judaism and Modernity: Realigning the Two Worlds, An Edited Transcript of an Address by Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Greenberg”
The Lookstein Center
July 2004
Lecture edited by Zvi Grumet, published The Lookstein Center (2006), as part of the Perspectives on Jewish Education series.

“Power and Pluralism After the Holocaust”
Outline of lecture

“Remembrance and Conscience: A Sacred Bond”
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Center for The Prevention Of Genocide
December 5, 2001

“The Ethics of Jewish Power Today”
United Jewish Communities: 2000 General Assembly
three-part speech delivered 11/11/00–11/15/00
Includes lecture and questions & answer session

“Crossroads of Destiny”
The Second Annual Louis Pincus Memorial Lecture
United Jewish Appeal 1975 National Conference
December 14, 1974
Lecture is about the choices facing the Jewish people vis-à-vis the Holocaust and the rebirth of Israel.

“The Image of God, Human Dignity and God: Some Reflections after the Holocaust”
Interfaith luncheon, St. Louis, Missouri
National Conference of Christians and Jews
May 2, 1977
Theme of the lecture is the fundamental basis of human dignity in the Jewish tradition and how it was tested, assaulted, and upheld in the Holocaust. It includes an attempt to define modern forms of idolatry. Rabbi Greenberg considers this talk to be the most significant unpublished piece he has written about the Holocaust. 

“Confronting the Holocaust and Israel”
UJA Study Conference

“Interpreting the Holocaust for Future Generations”
Third Annual Symposium, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture
Geneva, Switzerland
July 9, 1974

“President’s Opening Comments”
Seventy-Fourth Annual Meeting, National Conference of Jewish Communal Service
May 28 – 31, 1972

“The Religious Implications of the State of Israel”
Seton Hall University
South Orange, NJ
December, 1970
This is a typed transcript (with some handwritten notes) of the lecture, which was delivered at a conference organized by the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies, headed by Monsignore John Oesterreicher and Sister Rose Thering.

“Jewish Tradition and Contemporary Problems”
Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University
Atran Resident Lecture Series, Relationships Between Jewish Tradition and Contemporary Social Issues

“Judaism and the Dilemmas of War – An Essay in Halachic Methodology”
Study Conference, “Judaism and War Peace: Focus Viet Nam”
Sponsored by the Synagogue Council of America
Columbia University
February 22, 1966

“Yavneh: Looking Ahead, Values and Goals”
September 2, 1962