Modernity/Contemporary Jewish Life

Selected Lectures (Audio)

“American Jewry: Critical Issues”
CLAL, Critical Issues Conference
Rabbi Greenberg addresses critical issues facing American Jewry. Among the topics addressed: Will there be a major split in the Jewish community? Rabbi Greenberg believes there will be and explains why.

“Challenge of Choice/Modernity”
Rabbi Greenberg explores the impacts on Jewish identity and Jewish life of the freedom of modernity. Contemporary society with its openness, choices, and tolerance has led to both religious freedom and assimilation, and to both a wealth of personal/professional opportunities and a loss of cultural identity.

“Modernity’s Impact: Monotheistic Faith and Cultural Pluralism”
Modernity and urbanization have transformed the relationship of different cultures and religions by tempering the otherness of the “other.” Individuals are now judged as individuals rather than as a member of a particular group. A consequence of this shift has been a weakening of religious faith, practice, and identity. Modernity and the resulting proximity of members of different faiths living side by side marks a willingness to waive the religious foundation that once defined our identities. Cultural pluralism enables diverse communities to appreciate the uniqueness of other faiths while at the same time created a new cultural reality in partnership.

“Emancipation and its Legacy”
How has the Emancipation impacted Judaism? How has Judaism adapted to the major challenges posed by modernity?