It is with heartfelt gratitude that I acknowledge the many people whose hard work made this website possible:

Andrea Gollin for project management, reviewing and organizing reams of boxes and digitized materials into a website architecture that is clean and easy to navigate, coming up with features such as the rotating quotes, writing/editing/research, coordinating the digitization of materials, and organizing the many audio lectures.

Judy Dach for tirelessly researching and gathering so many of the materials on the website, for serving as point person with Yitz during the development of the website, and for writing clear and concise descriptions of a great deal of what you will find on these pages.

Rabbis Seth Winberg and Benjamin Berger, who took on the massive task of listening to hundreds of audio lectures and summarizing them.

Richard Chimelis of Captiva Communications for superior web design, programming, and wise counsel.

Pablo Abas of Swicher Media for technical help in converting cassette tapes and VHS tapes to digital format and for many hours of working with dated technology to optimize the quality.

Clal for its continuing support throughout this process in matters both administrative and substantive, including sorting through its archives and sending us a large box of Yitz’s monographs for us to digitize and post on the website.

The Wexner Foundation for going through its archives to unearth several of Yitz’s video lectures for digitizing, and particular thanks to Rabbi Jay Henry Moses and Angie Atkins.

The many colleagues, friends, and students who know Yitz either professionally or personally and who took time to share their impressions of the major impact that Yitz has had on Jewish American society and on them personally.

The many scholars who have written about Yitz’s work and who kindly provided feedback, including the Josh Feigelson and Darren Kleinberg, who are currently preparing dissertations on Yitz’s work.

The Harvard Judaica Collection for generously allowing us to post finding aids for the archive on this site.

Archivists Donna Lewi and Francesca Pitaro, who worked with Yitz to prepare his materials for donation to Harvard, and who were extremely helpful in providing background information for this website.

The many rabbis, educators, and others who thoughtfully responded to our request for feedback and suggestions for this website.

—Aryeh Rubin
    May 2013